Rothbury Family


Lord Henrius Zollwen, 6th Earl of Rothbury (Father, deceased)

Lady Ellandra (Elairyn) Zollwen, Dowager Countess of Rothbury (Mother)

Lord Hendricks Zollwen, 7th Earl of Rothbury (Brother, eldest)

Lady Zollwen, Countess of Rothbury (Brother's wife); 2 sons

Lady Ellaria (Zollwen) Aurorian, Duchess of Avondale (Sister, older)

Lord Allenius Aurorian, Duke of Avondale (Sister's husband); 1 son, 2 daughters

Brother Zaurius Zollwen (Brother, youngest)



Zynndra's relationship with her older brother and sister is somewhat strained, due to events in the family's past. When she was very young, she had a vision that another child, her sister's future husband, was in danger in Rothbury Swamp. When she discovered him and brought him back to her father's estate in time for him to be saved, her parents were encouraged to commit her to the King's service to be educated at the palace. In Hopewell, it is tradition for a noble family to send one of their children into service, but her father had wanted to send his youngest son and marry off Zynndra to a future duke. However, he caved into the social pressure. This caused a light, one-sided rift between her father / older siblings and herself.


Zynndra's brother grew to resent her, because through her own work, she has achieved far more wealth and recognition. Zynndra's sister is secretly jealous that she had to be married off to someone she did not love, though she does enjoy her lifestyle as a duchess. Even though Rothbury Swamp was an unused and unsafely unmaintained portion of the title (and Zynndra paid him ten times the market value for the land), both siblings further resent Zynndra for her "annexation" of the swamp when the king wrote her title.


Zynndra's mother supported her commission, however, recognizing the greater benefit to her daughter as an individual. Her youngest brother was essentially left to follow his own path, and he and Zynndra have maintained a good relationship. As a truly good-hearted person, he studied for many years and became a priest of the Light. He supports the King's mission of philanthropy and charity, committing many hours of his life to serve the souls who need help.




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Rothbury Family

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