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Human, of a noble family; wizard specializing in divination, mind spells, and time manipulation. Displayed great intelligence and magical potential from an early age. Sent into service to the King around age 10, and befriended the Prince. Attended the Wizard Academy from teenage years until early adulthood. Specialized in researching ancient divination rituals, which involved a lot of fieldwork/adventuring. Became more powerful through natural aptitude and a high level of curiosity. Returned to the Academy to a place on the High Council as Head of Divination, with significant earnings from adventuring days. Eventually, decided to leave the Academy, and propose service to the new King (former Prince). The king gave Zynndra title to land, where she arranged construction of a mage tower. In exchange for their help in building the tower, she provided resources for the displaced peasants of Windmere to reconstruct their burned farming village near her tower. For the past several years, she has spent time studying in the tower, interacting with the villagers of New Windmere, and advising the King on matters of magic.



Rothbury Family

Academy Council



Key Places

Kingdom of Hopewell

Rothbury title

Windmere title

City of Hopewell

  • Palace

Academy of Arcane Sciences







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